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UK Credit
Repair Secrets 2008

Can you answer "Yes!" to any
of the following questions?

   Have you ever been turned down for Credit, only to be told that no-one can tell you exactly why it is you were declined?

 Have you ever wondered what really counts when lenders score your loan applications?

  Do you want to remove judgments, bad debts and defaults from your credit file?.

  Are you fed up and frustrated with the secrecy of UK Lenders, Credit Reporting Agencies, and Credit Companies.

If so, then please,
read on.....

 From My New Credit File.
Author of "UK Credit Repair Secrets 2008"
6th June 2008.

Dear Reader....

Do you want to know happens behind the scenes when you apply for a loan in the UK?
Well, I did!,.... but I could never seem to find out.

That's because, as you probably know, lenders use secret credit scoring systems to decide whether they will approve your application or not. They make the laws and they are judge and jury. If you are not a perfect model customer, you almost don't stand a chance. If you try to question lenders why it is that they won't approve you for credit you know that they simply WILL NOT tell you. The reason is obvious. They only want to lend to people who already have money and who present no risk whatsoever to them, (and lets face it, these are the last people who NEED a loan!) The whole process is based on their scoring system and they don't want anyone to know the rules. This drove me mad!

Because I could NEVER seem to get approved for credit, I made it my goal to uncover all of the hidden facts. I spent all my spare time investigating the entire world of credit scoring and credit repair which is almost entirely concealed from the public. The end product of my hard work is "
UK Credit Repair Secrets 2007"........ Now, the cat is out of the bag!

"UK Credit Repair Secrets 2008" tells you how each question on you loan application counts towards your credit score. Some questions are very important, others don't really matter. But which are the ones that you need to focus on? Lenders have specific expectations, but what do they expect? They are not willing to tell you anything! Well its about time you didn't suffer the frustration of being in the dark! After a great deal of research I pieced together the system from scratch. I found out how each question is scored, and which ones are important to get right! I reveal exactly how the answers you give on a loan application form are viewed by lenders, how each one affects your credit score and how you can improve your chances of getting approved dramatically by just answering some questions slightly differently.

How lenders look at your credit history. Now I must tell you, the scoring of a loan application is only half the story. Lenders also check your credit history and they are VERY fussy about this. They get your credit history from credit bureaus (mainly Experian and Equifax) who hold this information about you. And so opens another can of worms! Lenders won't tell you what they are looking for in your credit history, or even what bad things in your credit file have lead to your being declined.... they just mention that there is something affecting your score and tell you to go to a credit bureau to find out more. I had this frustration so many times that I almost pulled out all my hair!

What you are supposed to do is diligently apply for your credit file, and wait for around 10 days for it to arrive in the post. What you get is a list of numbers and codes complete with a "handy leaflet to help you decipher it all"! But does this leaflet tell you what lenders are looking for or how they will score you based on all those entries in you credit file. No it doesn't! After all these weeks of excited anticipation you just end up suffering the same frustration that everyone else has. Another dead end, more secrets and at least another 4 weeks just to get maybe another meaningless answer. Well no more! "
UK Credit Repair Secrets 2008" also shows you what counts in your credit report in plain English and what doesn't. It shows you how lenders rate you on all the complicated entries in your credit file and which ones you need to clean up first in order to tip things into your favour.

Which lenders might be more willing to lend to you? My crusade uncovered even more! You see, not all lenders are the same. Some lenders specialize in lending to people with poor credit standings - But not all! So, which ones? And remember even these lenders will want to credit score you so what do they really look for? What I finally did was to research hundreds of lenders to see which ones lent to people with a poor credit rating. I even researched all the banks to try to find which ones would be willing to open a bank account with out a credit check at all. The end product is my list of lenient lenders - and I have included this in the guide. It shows you where you can get a bank account without a credit check and where you can get approvals for credit cards and personal loans even with a low score. This information will give you the edge if you are trying to get credit, it certainly helped me!

So you want to erase bad credit history? Now, what you probably really want is to have a clean credit history so that you won't have bad things affecting your score in the first place. If you have made some previous mistakes like I did, you will probably feel like your credit standing is destined to remain blacklisted seemingly forever. My ultimate goal was to get my credit file straightened out - and I was more determined than almost anyone else to achieve this. After a great deal of determination and persistence, I found that mistakes that I made in the past could be cleared up fairly quickly and I could move forward with a clean sheet. I include all the methods to acheive this in my guide. "UK Credit Repair Secrets 2007" shows you quick and perfectly legal ways to remove county court judgments (CCJ's), and ways to clear bad debts without necessarily paying the full amount back! These are the most carefully guarded secrets that lenders really do not want you to know, but I have uncovered them and you can now get this information IMMEDIATELY. No waiting, no fuss. You can get the guide straight away and start to use it to your advantage, now.

Remember: I have spent a great deal of my time compiling this guide, and I am very confident that you will find it to be worth every penny. From time to time I do get feedback, some of which I have taken snippets from......

"My bad credit rating has been such an embarrassment that I really did feel like giving up on it. This information has given me new hope. I am starting to get approved for loans which is a very nice surprise! J. Ashcroft, Milton Keynes.

"... I feel like quite an expert now and I am very satisfied indeed... " Timothy Hardwick, Birmingham.

"I have seen a few offerings like this, but your site looked to be the most honest. So I took the plunge... and I'm glad I did. The content was laid out very well and I have put it all to good use. Jim McCloud, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

What you will learn from "UK Credit Repair Secrets 2008"

How lenders credit scoring systems work.

What lenders like to see and what they don't like to!

Which questions on a loan application matter most.

What the golden expectations of lenders are!

How each answer on a loan application is scored.

How to improve your score by a dramatic amount by just answering some questions slightly differently.

What lenders expect you to earn in relation to your outstanding debts

How your credit history is viewed by lenders.

How each part of your credit report is scored by lenders.

How negative items on your credit report affect your credit score

How to get results from credit bureaus.

How to remove defaults without necessarily paying back the full amounts.

How to remove judgments and liens even years after they were issued against you.

Why credit searches are negative and how to remove them.

How to remove bad entries and avoid them re-appearing.

Where to go to get easier credit.

How to successfully manage your finances and debt.

What lenders like to see in regard to your residence.

How to tip the balance in your favor on a close-call application.

How to write letters of dispute in a professional manner to get results.

How to communicate with courts to get quick and effective action in your favour.

What lenders look for in regard to your employment.

How to get bank accounts and credit cards without a credit check.

And much more too...

What does it cost? I am not one for making up special offers and giveaways - after all, if the 'goods' are 'good' then there should be no need for annoying bonuses, right? In any case I was concerned with writing the guide and I spent my time concentrating on this. So for pricing I wanted to keep it simple. To make this information accessible to as many people as possible I have set the price to just £10. I won't give you any 'hard sell' and I will maintain the low price of £10 for as long as I can. You can subscribe using any method, Switch Card, Credit Card, Debit Card, even Cash or Cheque. If you are worried about buying on-line I can fully understand that, so I have secured a specially negotiated partnership with the top payment processing company in the UK, who has the best security and an impeccable track record. Click on the subscribe links and you will find plenty of help and support from them if you need it. The guide is held as an online works in a special protected members area. As soon as you subscribe you will get instant access , .

Now, unfortunately, I must tell you that the price for internet promotion and advertising seems to be forever increasing and these costs are moving up quite quickly. That said, I am not going to pressure you to subscribe by a certain time, or by the then end of the week, as I think that is just plain wrong. Everyone should be entitled to buy in their own time.... but please bear in mind that I will likely have to raise the price at some time in the near future. If wish to buy now then, yes, you can purchase the guide for just £10, Click here to subscribe and you can be guaranteed this low price. If you need more time then I hope that you manage to come back while the price is still at this low level.

And finally, my pledge to you: Satisfied readers are my satisfaction. I wanted to make his guide perfect and I am confident that it is. I want people to be happy with it. If you buy "UK Credit Repair Secrets 2007" and you are not entirely satisfied with it I will give you your money back - I can't offer a better guarantee than that!

I wish you well during 2007.

Yours Faithfully,

My New Credit File, Author.

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If you still have some questions the following might be helpful to you. Its a few of the queries that were sent to me recently, together with my response. These are questions that seem to be on everyone's mind, so I hope you will find any answers you are looking for here:

I saw a site that advertised a "new credit file". Isn't that better than trying to repair my old one? Well yes, it might seem like an easy way to fix things, but as ever if it looks too good to be true then it probably isn't true. Many of these companies are based in the United States and a number of government agencies there have already issued advisories warning consumers about these offerings. Often these companies may advise you to lie on your loan application or will suggest that you can get a new credit file by obtaining a new National Insurance Number or Employee identification code. Both these methods are illegal and in any case are rather hard to pull off. Lying on your loan application form to get a loan is fraud and is certainly not recommended either. I would urge you to avoid companies who say they can magically give you a new credit file. "UK Credit Repair Secrets 2008" was written so that you can get a legal way to better credit, and I firmly believe that this is the only way to go!

I was told a Credit repair company can do all this. Can you recommend one? A credit repair agency is a company who will try to improve your credit rating by taking up your individual case for you. The first thing to remember is that credit repair is a process. There is no magic wand. It is the application of certain specific procedures to your individual situation and handling communication with creditors, lenders, credit bureaus and courts where applicable, with these procedures in mind. Knowing how to create efficient and effective letters is also an advantage (I provide a number of these letters in my guide).

A credit repair service knows the process and will handle your case, (they also write the letters). However, only you can handle the paperwork when it comes to signatures, and so they have to send all letters to you for signatures, then you must send it back to them, and only then will they send it to creditors. You might expect this to delay things by just a few days for the extra postage runs, but remember most of the credit repair companies have many customers and so backlogs end up occurring. In one case a number of weeks were being added for the simple sending of a letter because the credit repair company was not promptly dealing with customers mail. If you want a quick way to credit repair, you may find that using a credit repair company or agency will mean that the process will be anything but quick. It may also be fair to say that the only benefit to using a credit repair company is for the knowledge that they have in regard to the process - (all of which is included in my guide anyway). Credit repair agencies also charge quite hefty fees, and some have been known to take advantage of their customers as they end up being totally reliant on the company half way through the process!

One of the reasons that I wrote "UK Credit Repair Secrets 2008" was to free people from this, indeed it was an experience with an unreputable credit repair company that, in part, lead to the guides creation. It includes the vital information governing the exact methods and processes but it will free you from all the delays.... and the high expenses too. You should be able to repair your credit yourself in half the time using my guide and it may be that you do it even quicker than that!

Is the information in your guide proven.
"Yes!" I can say that confidently because I wrote the guide after my own bad experiences with my poor credit rating. The information I finally uncovered gave me a clean start and I hope it can do the same for you.

I am still concerned about subscribing online. Is it really safe?
I thought long and hard about this because as you know I wanted this guide to be accessible to everyone who needed it. The internet is great because it has a wide reach but it still remains the case that many people are
hesitant or just plane scared of ordering on line and filling out forms with their card details. So I arranged a specially negotiated partnership with the top payment processing company in the UK. They have the highest security and are fully regulated. Even more important is that there are no exchange rate problems as you may see with U.S payment services. We even accept payment by cheque, cash, direct bank wire, and a number of debit cards such as switch and solo. We follow the highly regarded Trust-e privacy policy which safeguards things like email address etc so that you wont get any unsolicited mail. And if you are still hesitant about buying online then We even allow you to order by fax or regular mail. So I have tried to make this as simple and as safe as possible for everybody.

How quickly do I get access to "Credit Repair Secrets 2008"
"Credit Repair Secrets 2008" is produced in online form and is readable in your web browser. It is held on a secure server and as soon as you subscribe you can get immediate access. Because it is held on the server it allows me to update it if necessary so that you know that all the information is as current as can be. It also means you don't have to wait for any lengthy downloads.!

How long will the price stay at £10. As I mentioned above, I haven't set any of those annoying deadlines - they are not fair and are often fake anyway. I won't give you any 'hard sell' and I will maintain the low price of £10 for as long as I can, but with internet promotion costs rising I might have to raise the price in the near future. If you wish to buy now, I will guarantee you the price of just £10 Please click here to subscribe. And please don't forget - If you buy "UK Credit Repair Secrets 2008" and you are not totally satisfied with it I will give you your money back - pure and simple.

My New Credit File, Author.

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